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00 Journal - Meditation

This journal will be updated regularly to follow my meditation experiences. With time, I’ll try to become more aware of my weaknesses and my strengths, and get a better understanding of what I need to improve to do effective meditation. My future goal is to reach a level where I could open my third-eye, be able to have an out-of-body experience (OBE) and do astral travels. But first, I’ll begin with the easy steps! We are told to do at least 26 straight weeks of meditation, which is exactly half a year, but I’ve elongated the time period to 30 weeks.

Week 1 – To begin my meditation discipline, I chosen two meditation exercises found on the Excel At Life website called “Magic Book Relaxation and “Magical Forest Relaxation. These two are relaxation practices for children and it helped me for my first experience. I must say that meditation is the biggest challenge of my Dedicant Path. I always have many thoughts in my head when I close my eyes and I must learn to listen to the audio guided relaxations and stay calm, not doing anything else and not thinking about something else either. (Duration: 18:16 minutes and 12:45 minutes = Total: 31:01 minutes).

Week 2 – I did the “Two Powers Exercise by Ian Corrigan. The script can be found on the ADF website. I love this relaxation exercise and I think this is going to be the one I’ll practice most of the time. I was able to disconnect from reality the duration of the exercise and I think it’s a good start. (Duration: 9:37 minutes)

Week 3 – I did an audio meditation exercise found on the Excel at Life website called “Meadow Relaxation. The imagery describes taking a walk through a meadow on a summer day and sitting next to a bubbling brook. I liked this one and I seem to get easily in a calm mode when I heard the voice of the woman from the audio guided meditation. (Duration: 19:42 minutes)

Week 4 – In my bed, I’ve been able to think about a happy place (a forest on a secret island, located on a very small planet from another realm) and I’ve been also able to stay focused on it while I was exploring the areas for the first time. (Duration: Approximately 12 minutes)

Week 5 – I practiced the meditation for Self-Healing guided by Master Co called “Your Hands Can Heal You. This was a very long session, but it went very well and I was ready to go to bed right after. My night was not peaceful, but I think the meditation helped me to stay in control during the night even if I had to wake up often. (Duration: 22:02 minutes)

Week 6 – I tried the “Tropical Garden Mindfulness meditation available on the Excel at Life website. I liked doing this one as it was a complete new territory, and the music was relaxing. I’ll definitively keep this one in mind when I’ll need to be warmed up during winter! (Duration: 14:50 minutes)

Week 7 – I did the “Two Powers meditation and this time, I let go my imagination a little more. This time, I had a clear detailed image of the roots in the grounds and all the branches and leaves touching the sky. I was more focused and was able to completely forget my surroundings and I was totally immersed in my mind. I really like this exercise! (Duration: 9:37 minutes)

Week 8 – I lied in my bed with a soft music from the album titled Celtic Mist by Reflections. No guided meditation this time, but I was able to recreate my secret temple that I dreamed about when I was sick on January 2. When I felt I was to feel asleep, I returned from that place to my home and slightly woke-up, ending the meditation session. I loved it and I was feeling really relaxed and ready to sleep after doing it. (Duration: Approximately 15 minutes)

Week 9 – I did two Hero Positive Thinking Guided Meditations. The first one I did is called “Twin Den Falls made by New Theatron & Marcus Unlimited, available on the album Guided Enharmonic Meditations Vol. 1. I must say that I really liked this one! The voice of the narrator is deep and relaxing. The text is very encouraging, positive and was feeling like a hero for a moment! The only flaw is that it is too short! So, I decided to try another one in the same genre from the same album. The second that I choose is named “Reflection Cove and I was again very absorbed by the very dramatic and expressive voice of the narrator and the story. Again, it is an experience where we are the hero. I loved the fact that we had to protect a magic crystal from sea monsters! I did not watched the video on YouTube, I prefer to close my eyes as I have a strong imagination and I was able to create my own visual experience for that exercise! I’ll definitively look forward to do other meditation from that collection! (Duration: 8:56 minutes and 8:36 minutes = Total: 17:32 minutes)

Week 10 – I did the “Two Powers” meditation and tried a new relaxation exercise from the Excel at Life website titled “Magic Bubbles. I liked the Magic Bubbles because the story takes us in a place surrounded by colorful trees, flowers and butterflies. Sometimes, people ask themselves if it’s possible to dream or imagine something with color. For my part, I’m able to do so since many years. But I must say: adding specific color during a meditation is a step further because you must concentrate a little more to add that realistic characteristic. Fortunately, I was able to imagine the trees in different colors, and the butterflies’ wings with all kind of colorful patterns. (Duration: 9:37 minutes and 9:59 minutes = Total: 19:36 minutes)

Week 11 – I tried a mandala exercise for the first time. A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol used in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas can be used for focusing attention of aspirants and adepts, as a spiritual teaching tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction. I chosen the mandala called “The World Tree” in the Cosmos section from the book Meditation with Mandalas by David Fontana (Duncan Baird Publishers, 2005). During this exercise, I listened to a musical piece by Jorane, titles “Work # 3” from the album 16mm. It was interesting to focus on a picture instead of closing the eyes and imagine something. Fixing this image and concentrating on it makes me feel that the image was moving in occasion, like if the branches of the tree were balancing with the wind while the roots were growing deep in the soil. Sometimes, it’s nice to focus on a visual tool instead of imagining something. The image can be analyzed and developed by our mind and become deeper in sense. It was a hypnotic exercise that was really new and fun to try! This book contains 52 mandalas, and I’ll try a lot of more in the future! (Duration: 8:17 minutes)

Week 12 – I did the Two Powers meditation. This session was very good to help me relax. I imagined something different this time. I saw two trees. The first tree was a tree located in my personal nature spot near I live, and I imagined a sun beam falling on it. I also saw the underground roots quickly growing in another direction. One root connected itself with another tree, located in the realm of my spiritual temple. It was like my realm on the Land was connected with the Otherworld! (Duration: 9:37 minutes)

Week 13 – I redid the Two Powers meditation this week! I could relax and concentrate, and re-imagine myself becoming a tree again! (Duration: 9:37 minutes)

Week 14 – I did a relaxation called “Day on the Farm and can be found on the Excel at Life website. The first six minutes are the preparation time to feel relaxed, and then, the storyline of the meditation begin. This time, it was on a farm and a lot of sensation comes from aroma and tastes as we are invited to virtually eat food like muffin! That was yummy! The only part I did not like was a reference to an alarm clock in the beginning, since I hate the sound of it! But overall, I loved this exercise, as I appreciated all the ones available on that website to date! (Duration: 16:57 minutes)

Week 15 – I did the Two Powers meditation and tried to develop a better visualization. Now, I’m picturing myself on a small planet, my head in the air with my hair floating in the sky and my feet are well grounded on the grass, and they morph into roots growing in the earth. It’s like I was morphing into a human Tree of Life. I like the visualization and I’ll try to draw it to show other people what I’m seeing during that exercise. (Duration: 9:37 minutes)

Week 16 – I lit some incense and closed my eyes while listening to a very relaxing music called “Night Mist” by Adrian von Ziegler, available on his Wanderer album. I connected with my Celtic Irish matron goddess, The Morrígan. It was an amazing experience and I want to do it more often! (Duration: 20:11 minutes)

Week 17 – I practiced the Two Powers meditation and tried something new. I used my headphones to cut all the noise from the outside and I could, at the same time, focus not only on the guided meditation, but also on the musical sound on the track. I really liked having the sounds coming directly into my ears and I’m sure I’ll use this tool more often in the future. After, I redid the “Magical Forest Relaxation” exercise from the Excel at Life website. (Duration: 9:37 minutes and 12:45 minutes = Total: 22:22 minutes)

Week 18 – I did three meditations, this week, during my evenings. The first one is an exercise from Ian Corrigan that I just discovered on his YouTube Channel. It’s called “The Kindling Charm and it’s more or less a variation or an introduction to his “Two Powers” meditation method. I loved this one because we are asking to talk while doing it. This time, I only listened to the guided meditation but the more I’ll listen to it, the more I’ll remember the words and I’ll be able to recite the words in the future. Next, I did the regular Two Power meditation, also by Ian Corrigan. To end my relaxation session, I decided to listen to a new guided meditation found on YouTube, this time by a young woman named Jessica Mullen. I chosen the meditation called “Release Your Stress and I enjoyed it! I’ll surely listen to more videos from her channel! (Duration: 3:12 minutes, 9:37 minutes and 5:01 minutes = Total: 17:50 minutes)

Week 19 – I tried a guided meditation found on YouTube. It is called “The Witches Meditation: Authentic Self Meditation and it’s made by a young woman with the pseudonym of Harmony Love. The video is very positive and makes us reflect upon ourselves and makes us think a lot about our values, our dreams, what we truly are we meditate about what people around us says or thinks about us. It’s a meditation that makes us think a lot and i think it’s great to take the time to review our actions with this method! The melody is calm and joyous and her voice is very relaxing, adding a very good mood for that session. I subscribed to her channel and I’ll definitively try other video in the next weeks! (Duration: 20:36 minutes)

Week 20 – This week, I did a rather short meditation session but it was better than nothing! I did a relaxation exercise while listening to the music called “Night Mist” by Adrian von Ziegler. (Duration: Approximately 10 minutes)

Week 21 – I finally did another Mandala exercise using another image from “Meditation with Mandalas” by David Fontana. I chosen the “Endless Knot” in the Cosmos section of the book and listened to David Arkenstone’s music album titled Celtic Journeys at the same time. It was a very relaxing experience and I was able to focus on the Celtic knot pattern instead on thinking about different things circulating in my head! (Duration: Approximately 20 minutes)

Week 22 – I did the combination of the two meditation techniques by Ian Corrigan: “The Kindling Charm” and “Two Powers”. No new experience to tell but I’m more comfortable with the imagery that I developed since the beginning of that exercise. (Duration: 3:12 minutes and 9:37 minutes = 12:49 minutes)

Week 23 – I did a guided meditation by Jason Stephenson called “Powerful Talisman Guided Meditation. It is a meditation for self-healing of the body, mind and spirit. The music is calm and helped me relax. In this one, we create a magickal tool, a talisman, for protection. (Duration: 38:01 minutes)

Week 24 – I did another guided meditation, this time made by Kathy Shimpock called “Doorway to the Otherworld. It has the music “The Pyre” and “Rites” by Kevin MacLeod. The video has photographs taken on location in Wales, and while we listen to the guided meditation, we are asked to focus at the images while listening to her voice. It was the first time I was experiencing a meditation with my eyes open. I loved it because she talks about the magickal place which was the Kingdom of the Faeries, the Realm of the Goddess and the Land of the Dead. In my understanding of the cosmos, these three realms are the Otherworld (a parallel universe connected with the Land), the Sky and the Sea. (Duration: 25:14 minutes)

Week 25 – I did the “Two Powers” Exercise by Ian Corrigan. I’m beginning to know the script almost by heart! It’s nice because I feel connected to the imagery of this one. (Duration: 9:37 minutes)

Week 26 – I lied in my bed with a soft music from the album titled Celtic Serenity by Carlyle Fraser. I returned to my astral temple. As usual, when I felt I was to feel asleep, I returned from that place to my home and slightly woke-up, ending the meditation session. I loved it and I was feeling really relaxed and ready to sleep after doing it. (Duration: Approximately 20 minutes)

Week 27 – I did the audio meditation exercise found on the Excel at Life website called “Meadow Relaxation”. The imagery describes taking a walk through a meadow on a summer day and sitting next to a bubbling brook. It still snowing here and I can’t wait to be outside during warmer days. That meditation helped me fight the Seasonal affective disorder! (Duration: 19:42 minutes)

Week 28 – I took my bath in the evening after a stressful day. I completely listened to the CD “Celtic Isles: A Romantic Journey” by Brigham Phillips. I was burning incense and a candle with a wooden wick, which I love because it creates the soothing sound of a crackling fire. I imagined myself being in a lake of my spiritual temple, protected and guarded by my allies. I spend one full hour in my bath, and the warm water helped me to rejuvenate myself. (Duration: 62:20 minutes)

Week 29 – I did a very quick meditation during my shower. I simply closed my eyes and relaxed while warm water was running on me, then imagined myself in my astral temple, connected with the Sky, the land and the Sea and surrounded by Gods, Goddesses, nature Spirits and the Ancestors. It was a very powerful feeling, even if I was standing up. (Duration: Approximately 5 minutes)

Week 30 – I did a complete Two Powers meditation, while being in my bath, surrounded by the delicious smell of Palo Santo incense and by the light of four candles. (Duration: 9:37 minutes)

Word Count: 2384 words (Not counting the words used for the weeks titles and the duration times).