4 comments on “DIY: RWS Tarot “Tavern Edition”

  1. Wow that deck looks pretty cool i like the old worn look, i’ve been trying to get hold of a Pam A deck with the Pebble card backs they’re my favourite.


    • Thank you!! A genuine “Pam A” deck seems costly, probably too expensive for me! That fake reproduction will do (for now!) 🙂

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    • Thanks for the comment! I used sandpaper on some of them, however, it removes the drawing quite quickly and not necessarily fade the colors… If you makes your own cards and want them to look faded, the best would be to fade the pictures in Photoshop itself before printing them. But if you want to use a deck that you bought, I guess the only thing that could work to fade the color would be a mix of water (3/4?) with a small portion of rubbing alcohol (1/4?) — but be sure to test the mix first, I never tried this option. My guess would be that the rubbing alcohol will de-saturate a thin layer of the ink. Again, make some tests first, on the two extra cards that usually comes with decks.


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