2 comments on “Week 47 – Personal Religion: Final Essay

  1. I think the best belief ‘systems’ defy labels; as Nature-based spirituality is organic and meant to grow. An oak won’t reach its full potential if it remains in a box. It might turn out to still be pretty; but keeping it in a box stunts its growth. I’m happy when people make the transition from reading their faith, to living it, as you have done. There is always something to research – this is also a passion of mine – but too much research confines the faith to a book; or worse in my opinion, the internet.

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    • I’m glad you also think that way! My spirituality will continue to evolve as the years goes (and hopefully my English too, as I’m French). The more I practice, the more difficult it is to put a “definitive” label on it. When I’m with my friends, I’ll say that I’m a “Celtic Wiccan” only because Wicca is very well known since it is an official religion in the USA and Canada. If I say “Druidry”, they’ll think I’m playing D&D. For my Pagan friends, I’ll often say that I’m a “Druid” because they know the difference between this and Wicca, but I’ll not always say that I’m also doing witchcraft in my practice. Many Pagans, as open as they can be, refuse to mix traditions or ways of doing things. Since I’ve read the book Druidcraft by Philip Carr-Gomm, I learned how to use everything I love about Paganism/witchcraft/Druidry/Wicca and to adapt it in my life. Today, I consider myself as a Witch-Druid, or someone practicing Celtic-Gaelic-Irish Polytheism Paganism… Ask me my path in some months, and my answer could be different! 😀

      I LOVE doing researches, but I agree with you, there is nothing more effective than practice!

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